Is it just me or does everyone go through phases in their Christian walk where they doubt God? Doubt the existence of God, doubt the validity of the stories passed down to us in the Bible? Doubt our understanding of the scriptures seeing as they have been translated multiple times over…surely something could have been…… Continue reading God


Lately I’ve been pondering the question of beauty. & no, not in stupor of self-degradation or in quest to attain a boy’s attention. Pssht! I was thinking of beauty in regards to its links to our societal and individual standards of it. Now I know this is a song sung many times over; “Eurocentric standards…… Continue reading impressions

Nothing Without You.

I want death. Death to this world. Death to the things of this world. Disconnect from the elements. Unpluged from the carnality. Resist physicality. I want God. I want life unto God. Submission to the spirit realm. Presence before His throne. I want resuscitation on His infilling and breath. I want existence in eternity, to…… Continue reading Nothing Without You.

My dilemma

It is the responsibility that comes with knowledge. The burden of awareness. Because you see, ignorance forgives man many things. Its just like the word says, “In the days of ignorance God winked, but now he calls all men to repentance”. Repentance in this context does not mean saying sorry, it means changing your mind,…… Continue reading My dilemma

The opinions of people

Be delivered from the opinions of people. That’s what my pastor always says. Be delivered from the opinions of people! Cuz that stuff will have you living your most miserable life. See, the things with the opinions of people is that that’s all they are. They are what people think of you, irrespective of whether…… Continue reading The opinions of people

Cling to the Hope

I cling to the hope that Africans will love themselves. Love each other. Whenever I have a conversation with someone pertaining to answering the question as to why Africa is the way it is, among other things, the most potent reason we come up with is, what i call, the ‘Man for himself’ policy. This…… Continue reading Cling to the Hope

Hail the Negritude

This is probably the first time many people have heard this word: Negritude. Negritude: “the affirmation or consciousness of the value of black or African culture, heritage, and identity” I believe the concept of a conscious and awakened mind is one we should all strive for. However, even more strive worthy , is the concept…… Continue reading Hail the Negritude

The power of truth thinking!

So i know this is a bit confusing, because you’re used to it being positive thinking and not truth thinking. What’s the difference you may ask? simple. Truth thinking is thinking according to what the word of God says about you! So, times are for sure gonna come when you feel low, feel ugly, feel…… Continue reading The power of truth thinking!