Family Arguments

So today my family and I had a conversation on abuse of students at school! Seeing as how I live in a country that was colonised by the British, and also seeing as how my parents and I grew up in different eras of this country, we have different opinions on issues concerning the physical abuse of students at school……
I was basically saying that there are punishments given by the education system working in this country that are not fair like slapping a child for answering a question wrong or beating a child for wearing their uniform wrong! My parent’s response was “ Discipline is important…. If you were obedient there would be no need for the Teacher to discipline you… ”
It was then that I realised that my parents still had the colonial mindset that submitted to authority and didn’t speak up and have a voice against things that would possibly be harmful to a person’s confidence and esteem! I however believe that every person should be able to STAND UP for what they believe in! Do not for any reason let your voice be muffled. I am not saying that you should not be submissive to authority because I believe authority is from God, what I am saying is that when you see that your rights are being abused, do not swallow and take it…. Talk and communicate your feelings and opinions

Rants.. Bare with me ☺
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6 Replies to “Family Arguments”

  1. Might I ask what country that is, if it’s okay with you? My country was colonised by the French, and the Brits wanted part of it but kinda sucked at that.

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      1. Hahah I do know of it. I’ve always wanted to go to see what Africa’s like. It’s close to where I live, but I haven’t had the chance to leave the country.

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      2. Oh you would love Africa then…. Don’t listen to the stereotypical stuff they say about it, it’s actually a beautiful place. Though there are bad things, I believe the good outweighs the bad.
        Speaking of, I’ve never been to Asia! It’s so cool that you’re from there! ☺

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