The future

Hello fellow bloggers of the world!
It’s been long since my last post
And I kinda thought to myself,
“Rebekah, you need to write today. ”
So here I am
Contemplating theories on how my future would look like
I mean for me and my children, grandchildren….
The question came to my mind… Would I really want to bring up children in a world like the one we’re living in today?
Would I want my kids to go through stupid realities like racism, hate, war, oppression and what not?
I really wish this was not my thought trail but it is inevitable
Any thoughts?

Melanin Lover


8 Replies to “The future”

  1. I was thinking about that just today. I do want to have children, but I fear for what they’ll have to go through. I can’t just lock them up and raise them all by myself; they have to get out there and learn from experiece, yet I fear those experiences might change them for the worse or even hurt them. Upon thinking, I remembered a line from one of my favorite books where a father tells his daughter “It’s not time to worry yet”, and I thought, hell, it really isn’t the time for this. Things can change until then, and I will have time to reconsider my choices.

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    1. What a coincidence we were thinking about the same thing. My fear is that what if this change we think will happen does not. What if now is the time to think and react and see if it’s in our hands to change what the world be like for our kids and all…

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      1. A lot of people are trying to change the current situation, and when I am old enough to join, I will join forces with them to try to make things more pleasant for generations to come.

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  2. Our children will be the seeds we leave for the world. We are not immortal but our genes and knowledge are. I’d like to have kids so that if I can’t change the world, hopefully they will.

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  3. I think about this all of the time. As a matter of fact, I wrote something for For Harriet right around the time Darren Wilson was not indicted for Michael Brown’s murder… it’s something I’ve struggled with for a while. I’m turning 28 at the end of this month, I have a serious boyfriend who I will probably marry in the next year… children seem like the natural progression.

    Yet… every day I see something that gives me pause. I cannot bear to think of raising children in this world where it seems no one loves us. It breaks my heart to watch these horrible things happen to the kids that are already here… I can’t imagine bringing my own into this.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I hear you. ❤

    Kioshana (The SpeakLove Project)

    Also, here's that post I was referring to:

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    1. It’s truly sad what the Black people go through in America. Never having been to America, I can’t even possibly imagine the fear and anxiety you harness towards the people who continuously harm the children of the Black Race. It truly is sad to see what happens to people like Michael Brown, Trayvon Davis and more recently Freddie Gray and though I’m not in direct contact with these evildoers and the victims themselves and their families, I still hurt for them. This post is something that just crossed my mind after recently looking at a news chanel and all I saw was a world ridden with violence and hatred and all that…. As young as I am, I still have gone through racism IN Africa so I just thought to myself that in a world like this, I would have to teach my child how to do this and how to do that and they would never actually be free…


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