Gay marriage

AhhI haven’t posted in sooo long!
And its not because I didn’t want to see all y’all beautiful faces
I’ve been on that reading plan! IGCSE’s know how to stress a girl out! Haha
But anyway I’m backkk! Though not fully done with exams,I spared some time to post this(awww look at me being all sweet!)
So yesterday,I came across a blogger who posted about gay marriage
And basically,she said that everyone has a right to an opinion concerning the subject of gay marriage though when that opinion became discriminatory,that is when there’s an issue with their opinion!
I thought hard and long about this
And I asked myself,who gave her the authority to determine whose opinion is wrong and whose is right?
My basic argument was that if she’s saying,“everyone has a right to their opinion” then she can’t backtrack and say that someones opinion is wrong!
Regardless of whether you think it’s right or wrong,IT’S THEIR OPINION!
For example,I’m not in support of gay marriage! Honestly! And I think it’s fair that if you can voice your opinion on how you approve of gay marriage,then I can just as freely voice my disapproval as well!
It’s not how I was raised,not in my culture and not what I believe…..
Though I’m not in support of it,I can NEVER raise a stone to cast one of them people down! It’s not in me to judge,nah!  Though I don’t support what you do and what you believe,it won’t stop me from loving you!
Sometimes Love can be just me leaving you to find your way and Praying for you!
And I know some people will bring up the subject of how God does not allow homosexuality
And that’s true! He doesn’t!
But He doesn’t hate you cuz of that! HE LOVES YOU!!!
But the God preached in todays world is not the true God!
The God I know as my father is LOVE!!! Jesus didn’t come for the perfectly well people who go to church every Sunday and All that religious stuff,nah!
He came for those that are suffering,for those that have lost their way and are feeling alone! For the weak!
He is not a fire breathing dragon that will rain fire on you if you do something wrong,HE IS LOVE!!
So those that turn away from the Church because they are being judged,and I know it happens a lot,you are being preached the wrong thing! He doesn’t hate you!
And most of the time,He’s not judging,it’s the “Praise the Lord” “God is Good” people in the church!
To end my rant,I don’t approve of gay marriage! I do not approve of gays! I do not approve of what you do! But I don’t hate y’all!

Ahh I need to catch a breather!
Melanin Lover


12 Replies to “Gay marriage”

  1. I do like the fact that you don’t hate them, but how can you not approve of gays when that’s just how they’re born? I’m not trying to offend you or tell you that you’re wrong but it just doesn’t make sense to me (entirely my opinion though). Also (again, not trying to offend and I could be totally wrong, I don’t really know a lot about religions) but doesn’t the bible also talk about how women should be submissive and such? I’m just confused as to how people can ignore one part of it but use it against other things. If I’m out of line saying any of these things, feel free to tell me, I’m not trying to offend you, and I’m really sorry if I have. It’s just something I’ve been curious about.


    1. No darling,you haven’t offended anyone! 🙂
      Um firstly,I don’t believe gay people are born gay! I don’t think that it’s true!
      Secondly,yes the Bible does talk about submission from a woman to a man and a man submitting in return to Christ
      Many people think that that means that a woman should be like a slave to the man but nah! It just means you recognize that he’s the head of the family.
      And I didn’t understand what you were saying;how can people ignore one part of the Bible but use it against other things? Can you clarify?


  2. Hmm, to be honest – The Bible, like a lot of religious doctrines, contains a lot of things we associate with the past. If we are against some of these acts, then why aren’t we against what the Bible says about homosexuality? For example, “Stone disobedient children” (Deuteronomy 21:18-21) – something we would never even think of doing today. You may take the Bible word from word and preach it as you please, but wouldn’t it only be fair to preach the entire Bible? And follow the Bible as it is written? If so, you do have a right to dislike homosexuality, but also, you should allow the stoning of disobedient children.
    That is my view anyway.


    1. Umm yea I get what you mean but if you understand the Bible you know that the OLD TESTAMENT was written when the people had the law of Moses! In the NEW TESTAMENT,we enter into Grace because Jesus dies for our sins…so the God of the old testament wrote laws like that in Deutronomy 21:18-21 but the God of the new testament talks about Grace! How your past,present and future sins are forgiven! Jesus already paid the price of our sins e.g the sin of the disobedient child was put on Jesus 2000 years ago and now we operate not conscious of our sins but in Love!
      Whereas,in the new testament which we live by,God still writes in his word that homosexuality ain’t right…(that’s not how he said it tho haha) you get what I’m tryna say? 🙂

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      1. Who wrote the new testament?
        Sorry, I really do no know much about the Bible in general.
        But if you follow the New Testament, do you follow what it says about women too? “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak” (1 Corinthians 14:34-36). This one I found a bit confusing…”any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled dishonors her head …For if a woman will not veil herself, then she should cut off her hair” (1 Corinthians 11:2-10). It seems that the Bible has a lot of things that should be left in the past. Many people judge extremist Muslims for their views on women, but they originate from the Quran – and here it seems that the Bible is not far different at all. I think all religious doctrines are very very similar – but the way people judge them are different.
        I like it that you do have such a strong connection with your God, and your open mind.

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      2. Aww thank you! I try haha ☺.
        Okay the new testament was written by God through men who were filled with the Holy Ghost. It says in 2 Peter 1:21
        Also,you have to understand that the Bible is not to be read with a carnal mind, but in the Spirit. In that verse where it says that women are not permitted to speak, it was a time when the women in Corinth felt that they could speak at any time but that’s not the way it is in the church, there has to be order. That’s what I believe was meant according to the revelation I’ve received.
        Sane thing with the veiling of the hair, everything was written in a context that you have to understand in order to understand what the writer(Paul) was meaning. Might I add that with the Bible, what you see is not what you get, there is always revelation in every verse and chapter. That’s why I say it’s the book of the Spirit and not of the natural…
        Furthermore I want to say that the Bible doesn’t give women a degrading position or anything like that… With all your knowledge get understanding…


      3. What time? In what ways are that time different to these times in reference to homosexuality? The women were told to be quiet cuz there had to be order in the church, now there’s no matter like that and if there is then you can always refer to that part of the Bible to guide you. But in reference to homosexuality, what has changed? The time when Paul wrote that are identical to these times in reference to homosexuality…… So the Bible still stands in saying that homosexuality is wrong for all times.


      4. I thought you might say that – To be honest, if we are judging things on ‘what has changed’ is that really a way to follow this holy book? We are judging things to ‘what has changed’ over time? So, the women were told to be quiet because there had to be order in the church, but because that is no longer relevant we need to banish that part completely as it no longer bears any use. I didn’t really ask you whether the Bible supports gay marriage – Clearly, the Bible does not, like all religious doctrines. What I’m saying is that clearly things in the Bible show elements of the past, for example with women. And so to simply banish one part and support another seems…a bit odd, to be honest. I understand what you mean though, nothing has changed in terms of Homosexuality – I guess it was always just pure love!


      5. I never said that it was irrelevant, I said that if you need guidance in that area, you look back to that chapter. Not to banish a part just cause it no longer bears any use.
        And I don’t understand how you believe that the Bible shows elements of the past for example in regard to women….
        But hey, it’s your opinion. Have a good life.!


      6. Yeah, I feel it does in many ways, but hey, like most religious doctrines. Thank you, you too. I hope I have not offended, but I feel like I was merely asking questions that people don’t tend to answer, but like you said, that’s my opinion. Have a good one! 🙂

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