The Notebook,Mockery and Rants

So yesterday my mom and I watched The Notebook
It was her first time but definitely not mine(it’s like my all time favourite movie!)
And I asked her what she thought expecting a reaction of tears and sadness and all that
But instead,she said it was funny! FUNNY!!
Ahaha that’s my mama! Always never getting it!

So today, the power went out and my sister came across this picture


Basically,these are bunch of homosexuals mocking Christianity after gay marriage was legalised everywhere in the United states
The amount of fury that was coursing through my veins was immeasurable!
This is just too far!
If you lack the knowledge of what happened at that point in History,you are neither excused if you mock that very thing! Nor are you allowed to  use your ignorance as a fortress!
And my God is not so small that he needs to be defended but I just need to rant!!
And what is further annoying? The fact that homophobia is treated with such awareness and if you do not like gays, you are instantaneously labeled a bad person
But when such gays make fun of the very thing that you believe in and see great power from thereof
Noone talks about it!!
Like they would never show this side of the gay community that is mocking my God
No,instead they’ll show an “oppressed community”
To be honest,I’m just angry!
And right now,after seeing this,gay people?
Nahh brah!

An outraged Melanin Lover!!


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