Hello lovelies
How y’all doin?
You good?

So this thing called Love,it has me confused
And no,not in a reference to interaction with a boy or anything*winks*
It’s just,recently,I received some really disturbing news from my sister and she was basically telling me a situation that went down
And she said she was in this situation from an act of love and all
But I was perturbed!
I mean,people think that love is this feeling that makes you act stupid sometimes and is such a strong emotion
I believe otherwise
I would like to think that something as strong as Love goes past just a physical emotion
But it penetrates deep,past the soul down to the spirit
It goes from being a physical emotion to something I cant even describe or explain
Therefore by reason of it being a spiritual thing,it can not make you act stupid or aimless
I mean couples say that they love each other then they get married then get a divorce
Like is that real and pure love? Leading into divorce? I mean are we sure that that was not just serious infatuation?
So because it was that,it died out….leading to a breakup.
You get my point?

Melanin Lover


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