Cling to the Hope

I cling to the hope that Africans will love themselves. Love each other.

Whenever I have a conversation with someone pertaining to answering the question as to why Africa is the way it is, among other things, the most potent reason we come up with is, what i call, the ‘Man for himself’ policy.

This in the most simplest terms is the way in which we see people, men & or women, rise to a level of power and influence, and once they get there, it’s like they forget that they’re put into those positions to primarily serve the people, to be a blessing with what they have been blessed with, to help the disadvantaged. What we’re often met with is the love of status and money and power and influence blinding the said person, to the point that their lives are characterized by tendencies in consumerism playing right into the hands of the people or things they once ridiculed.

I mean, think about it, if people, more specifically leaders, in any capacity, didn’t have the mindset of ‘me & mine own’, a lot of the things we struggle with now, e.g tribalism would not be a problem. Suddenly, one would awake to the realization that beneath all the titles and ascribed boxes that we check, we are all the same, which is not to remove the influence of our differences, but to realise that our differences can only contribute and work in part with one another, not kill and seek to destroy one another. All of a sudden, you don’t have competition but a cohesion of beauty.

Just my musings…


Jesus Christ Loves You!




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