The power of truth thinking!

So i know this is a bit confusing, because you're used to it being positive thinking and not truth thinking. What's the difference you may ask? simple. Truth thinking is thinking according to what the word of God says about you! So, times are for sure gonna come when you feel low, feel ugly, feel …


Black beauty

Black beauty…black beauty…this phrase has been a preponderance of mine for some weeks now. I don’t know how, I don’t know from where, but I started to think about the implications of such a phrase and the origins thereof. I mean at first hearing it seems like a compliment right? I mean they’re calling you …

Time after time

Time and time again you have to remind yourself that you're not lonely.... That you're loved.... That you matter! Because sometimes you'll be pushed to the extent of questioning the very existence of such ideologies in your life. And that's when you need to be told the most,"I love you"

👸🏾 My Melanin Monroe: my appreciation to black women 🏃🏾

Sorry but this post is just too much for it to go unnoticed!!! Just wish I had the ability to write like this!!!

Life's Dec of Cards

Baby girl.. Your skin is so beautiful,

Let me explore your mind as the feeling is mutual;

Or you can let me taste your skin; is it caramel or chocolate?

Anything u want in this world from me, you got it.👍🏾

To some of these niggas… You may not be THEoption,

But don’t worry, those the niggas you need to be dodging;

Similar to black men, you keep getting stressed out by society,

I just want to give you paradise in different varieties.

Gorgeous brown self; so I should call u “Melanie,”

Most beautiful woman in this world I’ve ever seen;

Full lips, brown eyes and your hair is natural,

You created a lot of things in this world which is very factual.

I’m in love with the cocoa, not the white.. But the brown one,

if you’re with me, living stress free is the outcome;

When you cross…

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Hello lovelies How y'all doin? You good? Haha So this thing called Love,it has me confused And no,not in a reference to interaction with a boy or anything*winks* It's just,recently,I received some really disturbing news from my sister and she was basically telling me a situation that went down And she said she was in …