Hello lovelies How y'all doin? You good? Haha So this thing called Love,it has me confused And no,not in a reference to interaction with a boy or anything*winks* It's just,recently,I received some really disturbing news from my sister and she was basically telling me a situation that went down And she said she was in …

Gay marriage

AhhI haven't posted in sooo long! And its not because I didn't want to see all y'all beautiful faces I've been on that reading plan! IGCSE's know how to stress a girl out! Haha But anyway I'm backkk! Though not fully done with exams,I spared some time to post this(awww look at me being all …


Just had to…
The sad truth!

Melanin Lover


Although it’s beautiful
To have a little melanin
Out in the real world
It’s truly like hell we’re in.

The lighter the better
Including the hair
Being victimised by genetics
Seems so unfair.

If you’re unlucky
Enough to be chosen
To work in a corporation
You’ll leave broken.

The people around
Will hate on your shine
Try to bring you down
By acting out of line.

But when you complain
They’ll look at your skin
Brush it all off
Like it isn’t a thing.

All the while
You’re doing your best
Wondering if this job
Is worth all the stress.

And when you finally
Decide to give in
Remember it wasn’t you
But the colour of your skin.

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Dear followers

So because I recently hit the 10 follower mark(yes,that makes me veryy excited),I decided to stupendously post something very mooshy and sentimental (look at me being all nice) Just to say thank you to you all who are following me...though I don't do this for the followers,it's comforting to know that there are people in …

The future

Hello fellow bloggers of the world! It's been long since my last post And I kinda thought to myself, “Rebekah, you need to write today. " So here I am Contemplating theories on how my future would look like I mean for me and my children, grandchildren.... The question came to my mind... Would I …